VPS Java Hosting Plan

We set it up for you
Manage yourself
Ongoing support with Java experience

Only $99 per month

Hosting Plans

Here is what we do - discuss your needs with you, choose one of our hosting partners and set the site up for you. Ensure you are able to add sites and manage the system with a specific detailed manual for your system.
We use 2 hosts depending on your needs and market reach of your site. Our clients are businesses wanting quality hosting or web developers wanting a stable environment to host their clients and manage their sites. We can get you up and running fast and can also help trouble shoot your system if needed.

"One person to contact and knowledge of both programming, databases and the server setup make these hosting plans great value"

Check the this Australian web hosting company for excellent value on Australian hosting. I offer Java support to their Java Hosting Plans.

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is where a high quality web server is divided up with specific memory allocation and a seperate operating system (Linux in our case). Essentally it really is not much different to a dedicated server and can be exclellent value. This site for example is running on a VPS located in Brisbane Australia.

From $ 99 per month

Dedicated Server

Traditionally a dedicated server is a box allocated to one client. I use a dedicated server for my Gold Coast Website Design clients. The Java programming language is ideal for this situation because you can allocate resources and memory adequately and scale up if need be. Shared hosting for java is difficult to configure and runs the risk of one bad or poorly programmed site ruining the server for others using it.

From $ 150 per month

Cloud computing

Cload computing is where you only pay for what you use in the cloud and is a great solution where intial demand may be low. The (CPU and RAM) resources automatically scale within limits depending on real-time demand and you are billed monthly.
We have solutions suitable for the Amazon cloud. You can check the pricing via their site.