Image Manager

Image Manager

Java based content management system

Web Development

Server setup and Management Web development requires a combination of skills to create quality websites and web applications. Being more programming oriented we do not under estimate the value a designer can place on a website - in fact we often use the best designers available to do so.

Java allows you to build just about anything - so how about challenging us we love building new web applications using our CMS system.

Custom Java based Content Management and Web Applications

We have created our own Java based content management system called Image Manager. It is a very modular design that can be 100% customised to a website. Features include -:

Content Management SystemContent Management
Image ManagerImage Manager CMS
News Articles News Articles
Shopping CartShopping Cart
Order ManagementOrder Management
PayPalPay Pal Integration
Dynamic PDF creationDynamic PDF creation
Online ReportsOnline Reports
Memeber AdministrationMember Administration
Accommodation System
Virtual TourVirtual Tour
Flash VideoVideo
Slide Show
Email Marketing
SearchSite Search
Advertising ManagerAd Manager
Google Maps IntegrationGoogle Maps
Flash and Java IntegrationFlash and Java
Flash GamesFlash Games

Search Engine Optimisation - getting to the top of Google

Way before search engine optimisation became a major source of spam I came across a paper written by the creators of Google. It described the basis of how their search engine worked when it was a Standford University phd program.

Since then I have used and enhanced that knowledge and built it into any site I created to ensure

"Not only build a great site but get it to the top of Google as well"